On Demand Taxi Service

C&H Taxi offers curb to curb car service 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. All of our vehicles are licensed and inspected by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia and we ensure they meet or exceed their standards. The drivers go through criminal background checks, motor vehicle report checks and take a week long safety and orientation class so that they may provide safe and efficient service. C&H Taxi makes it easy for you to get a taxi, so stop driving and start riding.

WAVE Services

If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle just let us know and we can arrange for one of our WAVES to come pick you up. These vehicle have been a great addition to our fleet.

Time Call Taxi Service
1.  Time calls are not guaranteed but we will try our best.
2.You must place the time call at least 2 hours in advance.
3.  If we are extremely busy we may not be able to take any time calls.
4.  If you place a time call at the airport and your flight is late you will be charged waiting time.
5.  You cannot use our auto booking telephone system to book a time call.
Package Delivery

We not only transport people but we transport packages also. If you need us to take care of your package delivery needs just give us a call.

Corporate Accounts Welcome

If you need to set up an account with us to take care of your transportation needs just let us know. We can document all trips made and bill you monthly.

Some quick tips and information to keep in mind.

Although we strive to pick people up as soon as we can there are several variables they may affect pick up times.

1.  Traffic, construction and road conditions may lead to delays.
2.  Severe weather conditions may lead to delays.
3.   Times of high demand such as the first week of every month and weekends may lead to delays.
4.  Pick up locations outside of Charleston may lead to delays.

Once you have booked your trip with us please make sure you are ready to go. If the taxi gets there and you are not ready they may not be able to wait on you or they will start the meter and you will have extra waiting time to pay.

The driver may call you in route to pick you up or once they are at your location. This may come from an unfamiliar number. Please make sure you answer it so the driver can provide you with any updates. If you do not answer you may miss your taxi.