a. How can I pay for my taxi ride?
i. You can always pay for your ride with cash. We do accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover through our new App. There are also some drivers that do utilize credit card swipes on their phones. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks.
b. How long until my cab arrives?
i. There are a lot of variables that affect this. On average for trips that originate in Charleston the wait is around 20 minutes. By using our new App, you can see how many vehicles are available, the estimated cost of your trip, and you can track the status of your request.
c. How much will my fare be?
i. You can use our rate chart by clicking here to help estimate your fare. You can also use our new App to get an estimate on the fare, as well as track the status of your request and pay for your ride.
d. What do I do if I lose an item in the cab?
Contact one of our customer service reps by calling 304-344-4902 or contact us via our contact page by clicking here. A call taker will ask for a description of the item as well as the time and date of your trip. We will then contact you as soon as possible.