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Call Us - Auto Booking


Although we have added state of the art technology so you can book a cab on our website or using our mobile application you can still get a hold of us the old fashioned way. Just call us at 304.344.4902 and press option 1 for a taxi. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be more than happy to take your trip request. If you do not have a touch tone phone, don’t worry just stay on the line and you will be automatically connected to our call center.

Automated Booking System

If you have used our service in the past then you may also use our automated booking system. The automated booking system will look at your historical trips in our computer system and give the option of being picked up at a place you have requested a taxi before. Below are few things to keep in mind while using the automated booking system.

1. You can only use the system if you need a taxi now. You cannot currently use the system for time calls.
2. There may be a slight delay in between options while the system looks up your addresses.
2. The system will provide you up to five options based on your past trips with us.

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